Terms and Conditions:

• We have a zero tolerance to drugs, if you bring them in you can expect to be removed from the fun.

• If you look under 25 (you lucky thang!) please bring photo id

• No food or drink to be brought into the venue. Trust us, we have plenty!

• No camping on site, camping is available over the road at Thorney Lakes.

• We can not be held responsible for your car, possessions or any friends you leave here. If you brought it, try and take it home with you.

• No Photocopied tickets

All persons attending and participating at this event, do so at their own risk. The organisers do not hold themselves responsible for any loss or damage to persons or property due to any cause whatsoever. The organisers reserve the right to alter events/times at their discretion.

We have photographers helping us remember the event, please be aware they will be photographing all the events – even those muddy wrestling ‘nip-slips’!