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The richest club in the Premier League has a seal like Man City, how is the punishment?

UEFA has officially issued a penalty for the team that owns the largest asset block in the Premier League for the violations related to the Financial Fairness Law (FFP). The team playing in the English Premier League, Wolverhampton,

HOT Football news August 7: MU promoted, Chelsea won the Premier League young (Part 2)

Lazio rewarded Inzaghi. According to Calciomercato, Lazio proposed to extend his contract with coach Simone Inzaghi until 2023, with a new salary of 2.5 million euros / season. This is considered a reward for the 44-year-old coach after helping

MU and Liverpool overwhelmed to choose the best player in the Premier League

The stars Liverpool and MU are leading the race to vote for Best Player and Best Young Player in the Premier League this season. The organizers of the Premier League have just announced the shortlist for the