The English Premier League is the most prestigious, and arguably the toughest football league to play in the entire world. But still, there have been some incredible net busters. In this article, find out who the Premier League’s all-time top scorers are.

1. Alan Shearer – 260

Now a football pundit, Alan Shearer set a record that no one seems to be breaking soon, scoring a total of 260 Premier League goals for Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United. His strength and physique were a great asset though he was often criticised for being too reckless with his elbows. The former England international had a powerful shot, and besides, he was good in the air scoring 49 of his 206 Newcastle goals with his head.

2. Wayne Rooney – 208

Nicknamed Wazza, Wayne Rooney is the second-highest Premier League all-time top scorer with 208 Premier League goals for Everton and Manchester United. The England international is known for his technical skill on and off the ball, creative play, and versatility. He thrived as an attacking midfielder, box-to-box midfielder, central midfielder and even as a striker.

3. Andrew Cole – 187

Cole is one of the best talents in the history of the Premier League. The former England international features in this list with a whopping 187 goals. Cole was the first player to hit 30 goals in a single season and among the five footballers to score five goals in a single match. In the Premier League, he has played for Sunderland, Portsmouth, Manchester City, Fulham, Blackburn Rovers, Manchester United, and Newcastle United

At number four in this list of Premier League’s all-time top scorers is Sergio Aguero with 180 goals. It’s most likely the Argentine will overtake Cole if he continues with his form. Other worthy mentions include Frank Lampard with 177 goals and Thiery Henry with 175 goals.