Jon Rahm beat Dustin Johnson to win the BMW Championship

John Rahm scored a birdie from nearly 20.1 meters to beat Dustin Johnson in the bottom hole, winning the BMW Championship on August 30th, 2020.

The last round took place at Olympia Fields without an audience like the US Open 2020. Par70 recorded Rahm hitting 64 strokes, breaking the top of the league achievement – 66 strokes – which he set in the penultimate round. Meanwhile, Johnson finished 18 holes with 67 strokes. Due to the same finish at -4, both must decide whether to win or lose at 18 par4, 498 yards.

At the beginning of this hole, Johnson caught the ball in the tree on the left and was thrown back to the fairway. Rahm also went in that direction, but passed the top, going 366 yards. Both went green after the second shot, but Johnson had an advantage over Rahm because it was closer to the hole.

With the further ball position, Rahm putt first. 20.1 meters from the target’s mouth, he chooses the left putt. Rahm rolled the clubface just enough force, made the ball roll to the top of the slope, and then down and straight into the crater to collect the birdies. And Johnson only hit par after two putts.

Jon Rahm’s impressive score

In the penultimate round, Rahm reached par in hole 5. But his real point was bogey for a one-stroke penalty for forgetting to mark the ball’s spot on the green. That was Rahm’s only bogey for the two weekends. If he did not have that error, he would have won after 72 standard holes.

Winner of the BMW Championship, Rahm jumped seven places, up second to the FedEx Cup scoreboard. This victory also brought the Spanish golfer $ 1.71 million, a -8 advantage when entering the Tour Championship on September 4 at East Lake Stadium.

Rahm was excited after a putt from 20.1 meters to score a birdie in the hole, thereby winning the BMW Championship at Olympia Fields on 30/8.

Second place at Olympia Fields was an unfortunate result for Johnson. The American golfer and Hideki Matsuyama took the top spot at -1 after 54 holes with a three-stroke lead, while Rahm was at T6 with +2. However, Rahm was too stable in the last 18 holes, not only clean bogey but also collecting six birdies. In contrast, Johnson caught two bogeys in the 8-10 pit and fell into a chase position to Rahm.


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