The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has affected all aspects of life; from politics to the economy. Sports have not been left behind, and even after a few football games were played behind closed doors, the alarming spread has forced top flight, and amateur leagues to halt competition.

The Big Dilemma

In the English Premier League, the season was almost coming to an end with only nine games remaining for the current leaders, Liverpool.

Liverpool is the title favourite having opened a huge 22-point lead, but still, there is no consensus on whether the league should be ended prematurely in favour of the Reds or it should be restarted once the UK government and health officials give the green light.

While a section of the fans think Liverpool deserve the title, some believe it will be unfair to hand them the title this early. This makes sense as mathematically, as Manchester City may catch up.

But on a closer look, the elephant in the room is not who will clinch the title. The Champions League slots, and who will be relegated are the most contentious issues.

Project Restart vs Project Sabotage

In the latest news, the Premier League is scheduled for a return. The matches are set to be played on a neutral ground. Each team will be allowed to use up to five substitutes because of match congestion. This seems to be the best and fairest way to decide who makes it to Champions League, and who gets relegated.

The new move has been dubbed Project Restart, and the FA will also use the opportunity to play the remaining seven fixtures. The move is already facing opposition.

First, some clubs are opposed to the idea of playing on a neutral ground. On the other hand, the bottom six teams are against Project Restart, giving birth to the new movement, Project Sabotage.