Roland Garros 2020 marked the 13th Roland Garros champion of Nadal

Novak Djokovic did not lose to any opponent during 2020 until he met Rafael Nadal at the final of Roland Garros 2020. And it seems that if you have not lost, you have to lose, the No. 1 player in the Serbian world was used as a stepping stone by the Spanish world number 2 opponent to step to the top of the glory of the French Open.

Nadal has won the Roland Garros 13 times

This result also means that Nadal has caught up with the record 20 times Grand Slam men’s singles championship of rival Roger Federer, and widened the gap 17 times compared to Djokovic.

It can be seen exactly how Nadal decided to quit the US Open 2020 to put all his strength into the clay Grand Slam. Roland Garros final history has never had a 6-0 set except for Nadal’s victory over Federer.

Nadal has won the Roland Garros 13 times

Now, he does it again against Djokovic who is winning like a splitter with 6-0, 6-2, 7-5. Losing to Nadal after 2 hours 41 minutes of playing and unable to spoil his opponent’s victory in 13 finals, Djokovic made a point to comment that Roland Garros is “Nadal’s home”.

The Roland Garros 2020 final

Right before the match, it rained so the organizers had to close the dome for the first time in this tournament. That led to a predominant prediction for Djokovic. Unexpectedly, the situation was completely different, although it took Nadal 48 minutes to win one of the longest sets in history despite the score of 6-0. Bad 1st serve harmed Djokovic.

It was not until the end of set 2 that he seemed to get used to the field and the speed and strength of Nadal. It’s too late, unfortunately. Djokovic seemed to have begun to reverse the situation that made Nadal struggle like the 2019 US Open final, who lost before Daniil Medvedev. But this time, Nadal has learned from experience, causing Djokovic to officially lose his first match in 2020 with nothing to defend.

No matter how the final result, the history of the tennis world has a new milestone! This year, 34 years old, Nadal will set a new record as soon as he entered the field with 13 times to attend the Roland Garros final.


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