The richest club in the Premier League has a seal like Man City, how is the punishment?

UEFA has officially issued a penalty for the team that owns the largest asset block in the Premier League for the violations related to the Financial Fairness Law (FFP).

The team playing in the English Premier League, Wolverhampton, had just suddenly received a penalty from the UEFA European Football Federation. Accordingly, UEFA has sent a penalty to limit Wolverhampton squad in the European Cup next season, at the same time, “Wolves” also have to pay a fine of 200,000 euros for violating the Financial Fairness Act (FFP).

Specifically, UEFA’s Financial Analysis and Control Division (CFCB) has sent a report showing a 30 million euro deficit in Wolves’ 2020 fiscal year. Under the FFP law that applies exclusively to the Premier League, clubs are not allowed to lose more than 30 million euros in three seasons. UEFA’s fiscal year will combine from 2019 to 2021.

CLB giàu nhất Ngoại hạng Anh dính "phốt" như Man City, hình phạt ra sao? - 1

UEFA also confirmed that if Wolves could not make profits in the final year of the three-year cycle, this team would have to pay an additional fine of 400,000 euros instead of 200,000 euros as the original sentence. Regarding the penalty to limit the squad in the European Cup next season, Wolves will only be able to register a list of 23 players, instead of 25 like other teams.

Wolves have finished seventh in the Premier League this season and they can only participate in the European Cup by winning the Europa League this year. It is a relatively difficult task for teachers and coaches Nuno Santo. Therefore, UEFA’s penalty is likely to be postponed next season and it will only be implemented when Wolves win tickets to the European Cup.

CLB giàu nhất Ngoại hạng Anh dính "phốt" như Man City, hình phạt ra sao? - 2

English teams are continuously “touching” by UEFA in recent years. Man City is the most recent name to be sentenced by UEFA for violating the Financial Fairness Law. After being banned by UEFA from attending the European Cup for two seasons, Man City filed an appeal with the International Court of Arbitration and Sport (CAS). CAS has caused controversy when removing the penalty for Man City, saying that the evidence that UEFA gave was not highly reliable.

Wolves can also study under Man City in this case while they still have the right to appeal to the CAS. “Wolves” is the team with the richest owner in the Premier League. Wolves is being taken over by Fosun International, an investment firm from China. This group has assets up to 103.29 billion USD. Notably, Fosun International’s property is 4.6 times bigger than Man City’s bosses.


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